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Bleach creams are used widely all over the world to remove dark patches from the face. Use of bleach cream has also become a fashion to reduce normal melanin in the skin. Bleach creams are mostly used in Asia especially in countries like India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka where white skin colour is the symbol of beauty. Girls use bleach creams to whiten their face.

Bleaching creams have many advantages and it is economical as well that is why it is widely used. Use of bleach cream makes the face white, clean and attractive. It has instant reaction and makes face white and clean that’s why most of the women used to occasionally on special events to look more attractive and beautiful. Bleach cream is not helpful in the face only but can also be applied to the other parts of the body as well like on hands and feet to vanish the black lines caused by the dryness.Excellency Beauty Clinic is passionate and takes pride in providing its customers with the best in Customer Service, Professionalism and Expertise. Hence, it is always in the forefront of Hair, Beauty and Fashion trends in Pakistan. Excellency Beauty Clinic is offering following bleaching services.

Face & Neck

Face & Deep Neck

Whitening Bleach

Whitening Bleach & Neck

Herbal Bleach

Arms Bleach

Feet Bleach

Body Bleach